At Rent Manhattan we are one of the only integrated residential brokers in Manhattan. Rent Manhattan holds listing exclusives which exceed 100 units per agent, Rent Manhattan provides unprecedented relationships with management companies.
We foster the idea that productive communication with everyone from buyer to building manager is the foundation to a great business and a great reputation.
The highly motivated members at Rent Manhattan exemplify our standards and drive our success. If this is what you embody, call us now.

For questions regarding joining our team, contact Edgar M. 917 567 7459

Future goals:

  • To consistently provide sophisticated rental services for landlords, sales services for owns and offer a venue in which prospective tenants can easily manage apartment-related needs
  • To expand rapidly and continue to innovate in the real estate sector while maintaining true to our roots of good service and customer support
  • We continuously strive to give our agents the best of the best. We work to bring your business to the highest level. Commitment to our team and its growth defines Rent Manhattan.
Contact us now to explore bringing your all to Rent Manhattan.

We strive to respond to all our inquiries within 24 hours.



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